Planting At Last

We’ve finally got some planting done. Just some onion sets I’d started off in trays and a few Autumn King carrots and Duchess F1 parsnips. I’ve sown the parsnips with some radish too so I can see where they are.

The bed is the one in this picture.

The Front Bed

Its the only bed that was already set out on the plot, but full of couch grass, mare’s tail and thistles. It took Becky and I a couple of hours to weed and dig and rake about a quarter of it. There’s a lot left to do, but at least we’ve made a start on it. It’s about 6ft by 12ft altogether but will be about 30ft x 12ft when it’s finished.

Front Bed Started

We’ll dig the rest a few yards at a time and plant and sow as we go, but that’ll be between jobs. The next job is one of the big middle beds, probably number 3 on the plan.

Planting At Last

I was surprised at how good the soil is in this bed. It’s deep and loamy and hopefully I’ll have more luck with carrots in it than I have on the home plot.

Whilst we were planting we met a chap from a few plots further down who showed us the mare’s tail on some of the other plots. It made ours look not quite so bad after all. He also gave me a hoe, a potato fork and pot of chives.

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