Welcome to Plot 42

Just me and my allotment.

Few bits from the plot.

Few hours done at the little plot yesterday got a little done, managed to weed an other section and raise some of my netting. For next years netting I hoping to make a frame for my netting to go on,instead of covering each section up and raising it every few weeks.

I took up some more turnips because these had started to bolt,also picked a cucumber to take home it was around 8 – 10 inches in length will taste it later oh and some small courgettes .




Forgot to say I found a turnip in between the weeds.


Seeds coming through

These are the seeds that are coming through, the onions are the new ones to pop through.





Sowed more seeds.

Had another good day at the allotment on thursday when I left work,i decided to sow some more seeds. People say you have to go what it says on packed,others say you don’t I think I will go in between bit of both.Also get told if you plant late or early they all will catch up in the end,so let’s see what happens. Here is a list of seeds i planted in little container.

3 Red Brunswick onions
2 Evesham sprouts
2 Manchester turnip
1 Musselburgh leeks
1 Cabbage primo
1 parsnip
2 Marigold african crackerjack
2 Turnip purple top
2 Pansy crystal clear mixed.





Been Busy

Not blogged for a little while been a little busy at work but i have been to the allotment a few times, but not had chance to update my blog. I have sowed a few more things this week some in the greenhouse and some straight into the ground, sowed cauliflower into pots and swede straight into the ground. I have planted my 2nd row of Beetroot which i have been growing in trays, the sweetcorn has started to come through which i sowed a couple of weeks ago. I have done some more weeding and spread out the lettuce which is growing nicely, also planted some more lettuce and radish and put out my Dwarf French beans i know its early but they getting to big for the greenhouse.
Also planted Red Cabbage – Sprouts – Turnips in the ground which have been growing in the greenhouse not to sure if i have enough of them growing.


Trying to thin the lettuce.


Couple rows of swede.

beetroot 2lot

Another row of beetroot.


Cauliflower in pots

French Beans

Couple rows of french beans


Sweetcorn coming through.


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