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Half my onions are flat on the floor so I decided to pull them up and store them,most of them wouldn’t of grown any more may of just gone rotten. Most of them are half the size of last years, I did have a good year with onions some of them nearly weighed nearly 2pound. This year I might be lucky for a quarter of the weights from last year,the red onions look better than last year from what I’ve seen but I’ve been wrong before.



Got a little done.

Spent a few hours at the allotment today and got a little bit done, well more than some days anyway. I put in 2 rows of main crop potatoes which are Desiree, well I only got one bag so i divided it up between the 2 rows and got 9 spuds in each. I also planted 20 king Edwards potatoes in one row, i got them giving so going to give them a go.

I put in some sugar snap peas in a full row,last year it was only half a row I managed to plant 145 seeds in a full two rows. Last year the peas didn’t make it home I ate most of them at the allotment,I’ve put them 3inches apart but won’t last long. Got my last seeded onions in well 2 rows extra,so now I have a total of 12 rows of turbo onions.

We also had another go at sorting the extension out on the greenhouse, we put up most of the roof we just have to add a couple of sections and tape the joints up then that’s sorted. Just have to put a door on and sort the weeds out inside of it.






Onion sets

I popped to the allotment yesterday because I was dog sitting, it was a bit warm for him to hang around the allotment in the sun. So only thing I did was to put my onion sets in, i was going to our them straight into the soil but it was to dry. So I did the same as last year and put in modular trays, I put all my sets in and i counted about 310 sets. So once the sets have grown a little then I can plant them in the soil,well if I can break the soils a little more at least I won’t run out of onions.


Onion and spuds

I opened my turbo onions and took all the dead skins and rotting onions away, also laid out the potatoes out to start them of.Itook a photo of an seed onion compared to a full onion,it’s surprising how big some of them grow.





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