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Garlic and Cabbages

I found my garlic which I planted last year and the stems had disappeared,I managed to dig up about 6 large bulbs I will use 5 and replant the other one later one. I’ve took up a few cabbages while these were young and the ones that had bolted, they do taste nice and I will soon be getting through them.




Nothing done

Nothing done today apart from picking some veg up,been busy at work so couldn’t get into working on the allotment.



Few bits planted

Been to the allotment for a few hours today I’ve managed to plant some beetroot which was growing in the greenhouse, also planted some garlic which i had moved from plot 18 a little while ago.With the warmer weather i have been leaving some of my seeds out side to harden up a little,then putting them back in the greenhouse late at night. I have used an old dog cage to put the flower and veg seeds in during the day so the birds don’t start to eat them, then if i don’t get back in time at least i will have some seeds to come back to. Another thing which i have sorted out is the shed at the top end of the allotment, i moved the table from the bottom shed to the top shed now i have a shed that looks like a shed. Oh yeah i forgot to say that my 1st spuds are starting to come through.




Garlic from plot 18


My new tidy shed.

old dog cage

My old dog cage.

first spuds

My spuds are coming through.


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