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Greenhouse getting full

Everything is getting bigger and better in the greenhouse now and a lot needs potting on, I’ve done some if it already just a few left to do. Also sown a lot more seeds this weekend and sown some seeds that wasn’t doing well,I put most of them in modular trays apart from the beans which I put I cardboard tubes.



The new seeds I planted this weekend was Swede Ruby,swede best of all,dwarf French beans, cucumber telegraph,burpless cucumber, and cabbage primo, I have a few left to sow then have a look whats not growing then re-sow some more.

I need to keep on top of the weeding at the top end of the allotment,around the greenhouse and pond area. We had a little rain and if like magic the weeds appear, i just need to spend a few hours weeding before these get out of hand.

Over a year ago I bought some raspberry bushes and planted them as two plants,not knowing i had to separate them and plant them singly.Now that I did its took over a year for 12 sticks to turn into 4 raspberry plants,I know I may of lost 8 but at least I have some. The others may grow I’ve been told so fingers crossed these do,so hoping its been worth the wait for these plants to grow.





The new greenhouse is still standing and just needs some guttering sorting to catch any rain,only problem I’ve had is its got a bit dry inside and some chaps are taking the Micky. One chap has said he likes the crazy paving inside the greenhouse,then says when am I going to finish it of with putting sand in the cracks. I do need to finish it but just getting things sorted in other greenhouse first and planted,then I will crack in with it again.


Just a couple of hours.

Went to the allotment for a couple of hours today just to sow some seeds,I did manage to sow some and cut some of the weeds down along the fence. I managed to sow some,Courgettes,Dwarf French beans,sweetcorn earlibird,sunflower seeds and a another row of carrots Nantes covered with compost.

In the greenhouse my toms are popping through and peppers, also a couple of cucumber plants are starting to
Show also the chilli plants are making an entrance also.






Good couple of days

I had an early start on the allotment yesterday i was they at 5:30 in the morning, i got what i wanted to do and a little more done as well. I managed to water everything yesterday so all have had a good drink,i have planted my cucumber plants into grow bags but will take one plant out so its not over crowded.The celery and courgettes are coming on a pretty good now that they have been re potted, I’ve put up some fleece up in the greenhouse to protect the plants from the sun,just so they don’t get burnt during the day.Also done quite a bit of weeding around the allotment 1 to remove the weeds adn 2 to loosen the soil so if we do get some rain it doesnt sit on the crusty soil.I have also planted some more iceberg lettuce and carrots to see if these grow better than the other ones planted a while ago.

Tomatoe plants

Tom plants in grow bags

celery and courgettes

Courgettes and celery




iceberg i got given.

sugarsnap peas

Sugar snap peas behind the netting.

French beans

French beans not looking so good.

More done this week.

Been to the allotment a few times this week but not had chance to blog it, so will make up for it now and will blog later when i go this afternoon. The sugar snap peas are coming through so i have put some netting around them to stop the birds from taking them, also put some netting over my Red cabbage – sprouts and turnips to fend of the birds.My Dwarf beans are not looking very good every since i put them in the soil its been windy every since and all the leaves have come off, so i have 2 rows of bare stems of beans hopefully they will grow back.
I have managed to plant 6 tom plants in grow bags inside the green house and 3 plants in a grow bag at home, so that leaves me with 3 more plants to sort out. I have re potted the courgettes this week into bigger pots because they getting to big for the pots they in at the moment, only due to sowing them quite early and putting too many in to grow at once have learnt my lesson so a little at a time.

Been Busy

Not blogged for a little while been a little busy at work but i have been to the allotment a few times, but not had chance to update my blog. I have sowed a few more things this week some in the greenhouse and some straight into the ground, sowed cauliflower into pots and swede straight into the ground. I have planted my 2nd row of Beetroot which i have been growing in trays, the sweetcorn has started to come through which i sowed a couple of weeks ago. I have done some more weeding and spread out the lettuce which is growing nicely, also planted some more lettuce and radish and put out my Dwarf French beans i know its early but they getting to big for the greenhouse.
Also planted Red Cabbage – Sprouts – Turnips in the ground which have been growing in the greenhouse not to sure if i have enough of them growing.


Trying to thin the lettuce.


Couple rows of swede.

beetroot 2lot

Another row of beetroot.


Cauliflower in pots

French Beans

Couple rows of french beans


Sweetcorn coming through.


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