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Trying to keep on top

Been to the allotment over the last week and been trying to sort the weeds out,weeds seem to grow quicker than the veg once a drop of rain appears I think I need a few more days then i will be sorted. I’ve managed to take home and give away some produce from my little plot, I took home some lettuce – courgettes- few spuds and a couple onions which were a little soft but nice.I have ran out of netting to cover my cabbages up with so I have bought another one from someone on the allotments,I have to just trim it down and cover the rest of the cabbages over with it.

Trying to get on with it.

Been to the allotment over the weekend in between the rain and sunshine, managed to water inside the greenhouse and trim the tomatoe plants a little and report some peppers.I had some flowers growing in the greenhouse and now transferred to a larger pot,got rid of some seed that have not grown at all.I have put some washing line along some poles that are holding the netting above the cabbages,also did a bit of weeding still have a lot to weed due to the rain we have had.So i need to get to the plot this week and sort the rest of the weeds out and cover the rest of the cabbages over with better netting,i have been taking home some lettuce over the last few weeks and a cucumber.Also given some lettuce away because they have all come at once and i wont have the time to eat all of them,courgettes have starting to grow which i will start to harvest soon.Also had my first try at cooking and eating my first batch beetroot very nice.

Netting over cauliflowers

Cooked beetroot


Uncooked beetroot


Few more pics from the allotments

I have been to the allotment over the last week or so but just been to tired to blog anything,i have taken some pictures on how i am doing but i think everything would of changed by the time i update the blog.



sugarsnap peas

sugar snap peas







for my dinner

For my dinner

cucumber (2)


jade lady melon

Jade lady melon

Celery and Sweetcorn planted

Ive managed to plant some sweetcorn and celery last week well i have planted about 40 celery and about 12 sweetcorn, i did grow a lot more celery but gave a bit away and have about 30 sweetcorn still waiting to grow.I have taken 2 lettuces home this week which i have grown from seed so i am quite chuffed, just hope i a lot more produce from the allotment over the coming months. My cucumber plant are starting to sprout little cucumbers so i will have lettuce and cucumber sandwiches soon.


Cucumber Plant








Some netting to use on the allotment.

Some pics of empty plots

We have a few empty plots on our allotment even though they is a waiting list,people are coming down and seeing the size of the weeds and dont come back.







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