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1st seeds sown for 2014 (Chillies)

New Years Day is here, so just like last year I have sown my chilli seeds in coir pellets and put them all in the heated propagator.

I’m not doing as many plants this year as I had way to many hot chillies to deal with last year. I fact I stall have chilli fruits still on a few plants in the greenhouse still to be harvested.

This years peppers are:

  1. Yummy (Sweet Pepper)
  2. Big Banana (F1 hybrid Sweet Pepper)
  3. Telimena (Sweet Pepper)
  4. Bulgarian Carrot (Hot Pepper)
  5. Habenero Orange (hot Pepper)

As last year we had far to many hot peppers this year we are going for more sweet peppers and a few new types of hot pepper. With a total of around 10 plants in the greenhouse instead of last year when I had 24 plants of mostly fiery hot chillies to deal with.

I’ve also been put in charge of trying to grow Aubergines as Jane had a go last year and they didn’t come to anything at all. They are also in the propagator at the moment. The variety of Aubergine we tried last year was Black Beauty so I’m having a go at these again and using last years seed packet. Going to try for 5 plants that will live in the poly-tunnel when the sun comes back.

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Cape gooseberry “Little Lantern” (Physalis edulis)

Well is says on the packet that these can be grown outdoors in very mild climates, I wonder if Somerset is mild enough to grow these on the allotment?

I didn’t expect many to germinate so I put quite a few in each coir plug, and was only intending to grow on 2 0r 3 of these plants.

As ya can see, I have quite a few to prick out and seems like a waste to just compost the little seedlings.  We have a spare spot I can plant these in, so might be worth a go at planting a few of these outside.

I’ll be keeping a few back to grow alongside my Chillies in pots on the windowsill just in case.

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Tumbling Tom’s

Last year I had 4 Tomato Tumbling Tom’s that we bought as plants from the garden centre, growing out of the top of an old strawberry planter and got a quite decent crop keeping in mind I just left them to do their own thing.

Well last year following a Tomato seed saving guide that I found on the Internet I saved the seeds from my Tumbling Tom’s and to my surprise they all germinated.

The plan this year is to plant them into a hanging basket that we have and look after them this time with a proper tomato feed and hope for a bumper crop.

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Chillies, hot hot hot

Just a quick picture of my chilli plants growing away nicely on the windowsill.

The 1st row in the picture are unknown chillies that where sown from seeds collected from chilli fruits I was given last year so I have no idea what they are as I forgot to label the packets correctly when I saved the seeds from the fruits so I’ll have to wait and see what becomes of these.

The 2nd row are Cayenne chillies ( Scoville Heat Rating : 30,000-50,000 )

The back row are Prairie Fire chillies, a very compact bush chilli with small fiery chillies that mature from yellow to red. Ideal as a small pot plant as it grows to around 15cm in hight ( Scoville Heat Rating : 70,000  )



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