Hello from Jane & Simon, husband and wife ‘allotmenters’ in Taunton :)

New to the wonderful world of allotments, we were given our key on Feb 14th 2012 so a sort of Valentines Day present for us both and then the hard work began!  Had four raised beds at home and an assortment of pots, planting bags, tubs and fruit trees but didnt want to sacrifice any more of the lawn, (4 chickens have since put an end to that lawn!) so put our name down for an allotment and got Plot 69 surprisingly quickly.  Got our second plot, no. 119,  (on our first choice site) a couple of weeks later and didnt have the heart to give up 69.  So kept them both for 12 months before finally letting 69 go and taking Plot 120 – next door to no. 119.  Making life a lot easier having both plots on the same site!  Have limited experience so far but overflowing with enthusiasm and trying to absorb knowledge from books, magazines and Alan Titchmarsh! Oh, and Monty Don, but mostly Jane watches him because of Nigel his dog….