Pottering around the garden at home today, planted some more peas to fill the gaps where the overwintering Meteors didnt make it, planted some more cabbage seeds and chitted some parsnips seeds.  Then, very excited to find a big ball of frogspawn in our pond!  Had a resident frog there since last autumn and he was joined by a partner a short time ago and was seen ‘doing the deed’, now we have a pond full of tadpoles-to-be and potential frogs to look forward to.  The slugs wont stand a chance!  Really pleased as the pond was a new addition last Spring and we weren’t expecting it to turn into a wildlife pond so quickly.


Even though we didnt get up the allotment today, we did get the wood to make our sitting area, and some herbs for our pots there.  Will have lots to do at the weekend!