Too wet to do anything on the allotment today so just pottered around at home checking on all the seedlings, got some cauliflowers up now and one celariac!  However, the raised beds are looking very sad, it was all a bit of an experiment as we had never done it before and the winter hasnt been too kind to our little plants.

Our broad beans are leggy, think they needed more light, our over winter peas are hardly worth bothering with and the winter carrots have been the same size since about November!  But the onions are doing ok, and the garlic is very respectable, and the spring greens are good, we have eaten quite a few of them already and they taste amazing and are the most incredible colour when cooked.  As you can see from one of the photos though, the beds are quite waterlogged, they are full of good quality top soil and compost but they are sitting on very heavy clay soil and I dont think they are draining particularly well.  Thinking we might have to move them, but as the whole garden is heavy soil I dont know that it would make much difference, even the lawn is waterlogged.


Waterlogged ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ broad beans and sad little Meteor peas who didnt like the cold



The slowest growing carrots in the world!  Onions are ok, and garlic too, planted in the gaps between the beds


Very pleased with our spring greens!  Will be having some more with our dinner tonight!  When they are all gone, this bed will be prepared for salad.