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Still picking Beans and Cucumbers

The beans are still coming, 2 kg picked on this run, although the dwarf French beans are nearly at a end the cobra and hunter climbing beans are still producing loads, with plenty of new flowers that will turn into even more beans.

Those crystal lemon cucumbers are certainly heavy croppers, they just keep growing and growing, picked another 10 today, started eating these now as a quick snack while down the allotment. Eating them just like apples.

The beetroot are doing great still, these where harvested for my mother to have as we now have plenty of pickled beetroot. We do have plenty more in the ground still with a second sowing now poking their heads up.

Picked a few more courgettes as well, as unlikely as it seams we had run out of them in the fridge at home.

A single Yummy Sweet Pepper was ready, at the orange stage, so brought that one home to add to the others in the fridge.  May use these for another Hot Sauce along with some hot peppers.



Afternoon in the Sunshine

Day off today and spent the afternoon up at Plot 69, a beautiful day, out in a t-shirt and soaking up the sun.  Onions and shallots are doing very well, took their protective wire mesh off now that the threat of birds pulling them up has gone.  All nice and firmly rooted.  Excuse the weeds on the path in the foreground, the paths are a bit of a mess still, some we have re-seeded but they aren’t brilliant.  Wanted to concentrate on getting the veg sorted first.


So, today I planted a few broad beans in the spots where some hadn’t come up,  will provide some more beans later in the season too.  Then planted some Chantenay carrots and another row of beetroot in the root veg bed.  Enough room left for the parsnips (currently growing really well in the greenhouse at home) and the celariac (growing slowly but surely on the kitchen windowsill).   Not impressed with the Autumn King carrots I had planted there a while ago, not a sign of one shoot, yet the ones I planted at home later have all emerged.  Amazing how things can be so different in two different places.  Then I planted a couple of rows of perpetual spinach and a couple of purple sprouting broccoli.  Used the protection from the onions to keep the marauding predators off….. an allotment neighbour said the local badgers love to roll around in newly dug earth…. and there was certainly a few badger poos around to prove it!  Warning… here comes a REALLY boring photo!

Then to finish off, a long row in the 2nd brassica bed of green rhubarb chard.  Just one row as I will do another in a few weeks and stagger it a bit.  And we have the rainbow chard to go on our other plot and dont want chard with every meal forever more!  The only disappointment so far is the garlic, growing really well at home but only had 3 come up here….. not sure why, maybe not cold enough to get them started.

First direct sowing of the Spring

Beautiful day today, warm and sunny.  Whilst Simon was sorting out our bench I planted the first seeds of the Spring outside, done lots indoors and the windowsills are full and the greenhouse is busy but today – direct planting.  Put in a row of Autumn King carrots, a row of Nantes carrots, (left a gap then for the Chantenay carrots to be done in April), then put in a row of calendula seeds to brighten the bed up, provide salad flowers and also I read somewhere that they deter carrot fly.  Then 2 rows of Boltardy Beetroot.  Plenty of room left in the bed for another row of later beetroot, the parsnips and some celariac.

Then planted the rest of the Suttons broads beans that we had left – got 34 plugs with them started off at home and had about 25 left to plant direct.  Used my new little griddle to get nice fine soil on top of the seeds, less than £2 from Wilkinsons and really good, it came with two dibbers and a seed dispenser too.




And Simon also dug up the fruit canes that were growing up through the path and replanted them next to our boundary – not sure what they are yet, think some may be tayberry as we found an old label saying so!  But maybe some raspberries there too, will have to wait and see when they fruit!