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What a surprise to see the neighbours tree had decided to relocate to our garden. Just to give you an idea of size. 18′ was over our garden & another 12′ still over his side.

So that was top of this weekends ‘to do’ list. Finally finished the weeding & greenhouse clearing, all the pots are lined up ready to be filled & put to use.

I have pretty much all the seeds I need for this year, who am I kidding there is always some more you want/need later on.

I have brought 2 x Cranberry shrubs & 1 x Redcurrant shrubs that will be going in the ground this weekend. I just need to get a Blue Berry one & then I am all set on the soft fruit front this year.
Gooseberry & Grapes seem to be going well from last year & the new apple tree already has a few buds appearing.

The Damson tree is as strong as ever. Hoping to get a good crop of fruit off it again this year.