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Carrots & Swede

Had a little route round the garden before work this morning, not expecting to find anything, and found a huge Carrot


More than a little excited, I decided to turn over more soil & have a better look round. It turned out to be a good idea, finding more Carrots, Swede and Parsnips.


Like I said great find and final decision is made. Looks like Stew for tea tonight …

Such a great sight!

Looking in the little plastic greenhouse is such a pleasure of late. Lettuce, Carrots and Parsnips all growing well.


The only thing that the slugs haven’t attacked is Onions, though I really should be getting those out the ground now.


It’s hard to believe that it’s pretty much the end of the growing season, which is also a great big laugh because I can’t wait for next year to start a fresh. The only thing that can describe this year is a disaster.

What’s Happening

Really should start thinking of better titles.

Haven’t been able to do a lot in the garden the last few weeks with the wind and rain etc. . . but whatever it brings this weekend i really want to get out there and put in some Onions sets.
I have noticed a couple of my White Cabbage are covered in greyish mould, so they have got to come out. Still getting lots of new flowers appearing on my Pumpkins but nothing more yet.
I had great success drying out most of my herbs for over the winter period, although i messed up the Chives, but they have grown back with a vengeance and are ready to but cut short again which I will attempt to dry out again this weekend.
I have picked all my Peas & Beans and have frozen them ready for Christmas. I have stored lots of carrots & Parsnips ready Christmas too, that is if there are any left by then.

My Sprouts & Leeks are still growing great and I still have some Carrots & Parsnips in the ground. Not much to report on the Swedes, there seems to be a lot of green foliage but not much else yet. Will have to take a closer look at the weekend.

Drying out

Had people round for Sunday lunch last weekend and everything but the meat was freshly picked from the garden earlier that morning. I was so proud of myself.

Starting to see a few spaces in the garden and already planning what i can put there when i get home from work today. I have very nearly ran out of Radish & Turnips (I never thought that would happen) so i will plant a few of each to keep us going. Also going for a new lot of Lettuce. Swede, Leek & Parsnips are appearing.

Really have my work cut out this afternoon giving the garden o good going over, weeds to be pulled, new seeds to be sown and check if any are running low.

Tomorrow i am going to have a go at ‘drying’ some of the herbs i grow. It dawned on me that over the winter when i want basil, chives, mint, parsley etc i never have any around so wish me luck i’m giving it ago.