Not much Snow

I spent a little time on Sunday checking things over, even had a little help from my cousin. Gave her some sowing jobs to do, but with the amount of seed she dropped onto the garden who knows what will be growing & where it will be growing.

Didn’t have as much Snow here in the Midlands as was forecast. But I was prepared just in case, covered everything over with plastic & fleece. Didn’t want all the hard work going to waste. The mini Poly Tunnel has been a great asset, might get another one. The Snow came & went all in one day (yesterday) I have left everything covered today, just in case, doesn’t really need it as today is quiet nice just a little chilly. Hope it continues to improve so I can get stuck in at the weekend.

GOJI BERRY SEEDS: Great news as the Goji Berry seeds I sowed a couple of weeks ago have started to sprout (about 10 so far). Fingers crossed they have’t been too affected by the weather.

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