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  1. Last of the tomatoes planted out

    30/05/2012 by grandad

    I only had 6 left in the starter pots, varied mix, including Outdoor Girl, Sungold, Jack Hawkins & Tomatoberry. All desperate to get growing with this lovely weather of late

    My next door neighbour, nice family, have chopped down a couple of 6 feet plus conifers growing in their front garden, you know the sort, some one buys a dwarf conifer from DIY shed to put in the rockery, 15 years later it is over six feet.

    I asked a week or so back if they would mind me lopping a few feet off, to let more light into my front room, they said, no problems, go ahead. Must have set them thinking, within a week they had been sawn down. I gives me loads more light at the front, and it opens up their front garden too

    The upshot of all this verbiage is my toms are out in pots the front, with loads of afternoon sunshine to get them lusciuos



  2. Seed sowing update

    07/04/2012 by grandad

    Thought I would give update because things are now moving ahead quite quickly

    The strawberry I sowed from seed last year has now grown into a bigger plant, only one actually came to anything, and it now has a couple of flowers on. I have moved it from the conservatory to sheltered outside to let the insects get pollinating



    Next is tomato  update

    Because they were a bit slow germinating I put them in an electric heated propagator, that soon got them away, but some seem to have failed completely, Outdoor Girl and Gardeners’ Delight seem to be the worst ones. To be fair they were older packets

    A huge success are the Jack Hawkins from the seed I collected from one bought in Waitrose. They are the robust ones in the pic



    Now onto Runner & French Beans

    Sown a week or so back, in loo roll middles.  Like my tomatoes they were slow to germinate, so they also went into the propagator. Lady Di runner was up in a day, but no sign of my Cobra French beans, I think I will have to try a trick I saw about putting them on damp kitchen towel, then sow once sprouted, this checks viability. Again Cobra is older seed. If that fails I have some dwarf French beans, Ferrrari & Blue Lake that could replace Cobra



    Now the Kelsae onions 

    Moved out from conservatory into the garden a week or so back, mainly because they were getting “drawn”. So far so good, roots are starting to appear through base of the modules and I hope to plant out into troughs perhaps end April



    Finally Dahlia seeds

    Although older seeds [bought 2006] Wilkinson’s dwarf double mix mainly all germinated, and were moved into the conservatory a few weeks ago, no snow down here and it is frost free anyway. They are growing well, but a bit pale, which I suspect is down to the growing medium, hope to pot on a few weeks. I may just give them a feed before then, just in case





  3. Blight arrives at last

    03/10/2011 by grandad

    Now into October and until the weekend my toms were blight free, but seems the unseasonal weather has upped the blight stakes, I had a full Smith period warning for Blightwatch, and now blight has appeared on a couple of my toms

    tomato blight

    Tomato blight arrives on Outdoor Girl

    This year I have sprayed with Dithane from June, and until the weekend all was well, and most of my tom plants are fine and ripening well in this Indian summer weather.

    I am trying Hildares variety [seed from Lidl] this year as it supposed to be blight tolerant, no blight on it, but then there is no blight on 90% of the rest, including Moneymaker

    tomato Hildares

    Tomato Hildares

    The most affected seem to be Balconi Yellow, but this may be because I limited the spray regime due to them being over my pond

  4. More tomatoes ripening + fig eaten

    20/08/2011 by grandad

    Seems the weather is good tomato ripening now, the Outdoor Girl had some more, cherry sized ones though, all a bit disappointing there, I was hoping for normal size salad ones, I may have to try another seed supplier next year for these as they are a good & reliable variety outdoors

    My Balconi Yellow [not balcony spelling error BTW, that is the variety name] are doing well, I saved some seeds from last years crop, sown stuck on the kitchen paper I dried them on, planted on into wall baskets, just had two in my lunchtime sandwich, excellent. I recommend this variety for flavour, ease, eye appeal, compactness and just all round good one

    I was hoping to add some photos here, but have an “upload error” so no go there, I will try & edit an update later


    PS, uploading now working, Sunday 21 Aug 2011, so here are the photos

    Balconi Yellow tomato in wall baskets

    Balconi Yellow ripe toms

    Fig, the ripe fig from yesterday, picked & eaten, I think it was a bit overripe because the skin was starting to split & it was a bit mushy inside, tasted fine though, more to come so i will have to keep an eye open for ripening from now on

  5. Outdoor Girl tomato

    15/08/2011 by grandad

    Having spotted a ripe Sungold tom, today I found a ripe Outdoor Girl, tasty but it was smaller than I remember them being years back when my granddad grew them, this one was more in cherry tomato category

    Maybe they have changed over the generations? Or more likely my memory has