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Beans over for the year

14/09/2011 by grandad   

The last few days of heavy rain & gales have done for my St George runner beans, I have up a  cane wigwam in a large stone pot, the wind has knocked them a bit, and now they are leaning about 45 degrees, but TBH the crop from this variety was not great any way, doubt if I will grow St George again, someone else I know had same problem with poor yield

On a brighter note, managed to remove most of the outdoor tomato leaves, and still blight free so far. Picked over a pound of Balconi Yellow this afternoon, those I do not eat fresh I freeze whole & use as I would tinned toms in cooking

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  1. […] year it is going to be Lady Di I think, due to last year’s poor performance of St George. I have since read St George are RHS awarded, so maybe it was the 2011 weather and not the […]

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