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Still holding off the bugs….


I was a bit worried as I was away for the bank holiday weekend and I wasn’t sure how the garden would fare without me there… and especially the poor old gooseberry bush, who seems to be spending this summer absolutely dripping in garlic spray. But he’s just about hanging in there. I keep finding flies all over it, so every day he gets a good skooshing with the spray… which I am sure means that everyone thinks I have some sort of addiction as I always end up covered myself!!

Spot the Flies!


Anyway… he still has leaves which is better than he was doing this time last year…. I am still not expecting any fruits though!!

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ARGH – Beasties!!


Not sure what these critters are, I think they might be sawfly, but I guess they’re the same little *^£$^”(s that ate every single leaf on my gooseberry last year as well


So, I have been doing my regular tour around the garden checking on things, and look what I spotted – I DO NOT APPROVE.  Though I am a bit rubbish at killing things, so I ran back inside and made up a quick garlic spray (garlic granules, veggie oil, washing up liquid and water) and I have my fingers crossed that it will shoo them off. I haven’t had a single gooseberry off that bush yet, and it’s looking like this year might end up being the same.

So any ideas as to how to stop these little gits, or even what they actually are would be super!!

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Why yes, yes I do!



Whilst I don't think I have the space for a sheep or a cow, I would like to think I will be dancing with the butterflies soon!

Well it has been an odd old weekend what with all the showers, but I have managed to do a bit of planting. Popped in some broad beans and some garlic, although that may be far too late for this year. The sprouts that I started off indoors have gone out now and are under pop-bottle cloches for a few days whilst they adjust. Oh and some cabbage seed as well…

I also got some free wildflower seeds with the Mirror and Co-op (not a usual purchase, but 70p was far cheaper than any of the wildflower seeds I had been looking at), so I have scattered up two trays full of those and they are getting a headstart in the mini-greenhouse. Hopefully I will be able to get a few plants to go in the planned wildlife wall once I manage to rustle up enough rocks.

And my laptop died, so this is being cobbled together on an old machine, so fingers crossed that this is all working and I will not have pressed any ridiculous buttons and deleted previous posts or linked to something crazy!