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Another Friday round-up!


So, it’s somehow rolled ’round to Friday again… I honestly don’t know where this year is getting to, but the weather is miserable again and I’ve been caught in two hail showers this week. Is this not supposed to be May? Sigh.

Anywhere, where have we gotten to this week? Lets start with the nasturtiums as that’s where we started last week!

A week on and the nasturtiums have another set of leaves. Meanwhile, the marigolds demand some attention and camera time.

I’m not quite sure when they need to be moved outside, probably soon once I sort out where they’re going to go. I might put them next to the garlic, along the front of broad beans… Speaking of broad beans, there’s eight of them in total at the moment, here they are:

Two chirpy little broad bean plants trying to make their way in this muddy, muddy world

So my sprouts, cabbages, chard and perpetual spinach don’t seem to be doing a whole lot at the moment, and in some cases it’s a bit difficult to decide what might be weeds and what might be actual veggies. ┬áThere’s been no movement from the lettuce that I planted last week, and the container carrots seem to be pootling on quite happily.

The radishes seem to be just about recovered from their sluggy ordeal and have some nice proper leaves now as evidenced in the picture below –

The radishes are trying very hard to catch up to where they should have been if it hadn't rained non-stop for the last month!

And finally on the things that actually appear to have changed over the last week are my potatoes in veggy bed 1. There’s a few leaves all poking through now, so I threw on some extra compost around them just to make sure that no light could get in. Monty Don said tonight on Gardener’s World that it’s time to do some earthing up. It’s on my list of things to get done over the next week.. we’ll see if it actually gets done! I wouldn’t hold your breaths…

Guest starring in the potato photo is Koopa’s bum. For some reason he’s quite enamoured with rolling around down the sides of the ridges that the potatoes are under. The veggy bed parsnips are taking quite the battering… and he is refusing to allow me to shift him – the scratches on my arms are testament to a kitty that is happy rolling in the dust. Maybe I should water them more often and Koopa is just letting me know… Gardening kitty :D

The potato plants are finally popping their little heads up and have been dressed with a bit extra compost. I'm now in the situation where I need to read up on what I need to be doing with all these burgeoning plants and how to make sure they make it to productiveness


Have a lovely weekend all. Let’s hope that it’s not non-stop rain.

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